Cymmon’s Corporate Services team has specialised in helping corporations find value in the art marketplace and maximise the inherent value in their art collections. 

Acquisitions and Sales
Cymmon’s can assist with the procurement of any work of art(s) as per your requirements. We facilitate the process from start to finish, including introductions to our experts, assistance in setting up bidding, arranging special payment terms, and shipping assistance. Our services include providing Auction Estimates and Sale Proposals tailored to your specific needs and concerns. We also work with our corporate clients on private sales independent of the auction timeline.

Cymmon’s Corporate Services department, in conjunction with Cymmon’s Appraisals, offers appraisals for insurance, objective market evaluations and other art collection management.

Special Events
Cymmon’s Corporate Services works closely on special events to create unique programs that cater to a corporation’s internal and external client base.

To learn more or if we may be of assistance, please email us :

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