Cymmon's Auctioneers LLP is a full-scale auction house founded by Krishna Moolagundam, an avid art collector and founder of Moolagundam Art Gallery located in Hyderabad, India. Krishna also leads Moolagundam Diamonds specialized in manufacturing and trading of fancy colored diamonds and natural gemstones.

The inception of Cymmon's is a long-cherished plan that sprang from Krishna's decade long experience in the art and diamond industry. Ever since, the auction house has been working in full spirits to bring together collectors, galleries, museums, and individuals under a common roof and witness the pleasurable experience of owning rare, noteworthy and valuable items across modern and contemporary art and artifacts, watches, gems and jewelry, books, wines, and much more. In essence, our efforts have borne magnificent fruits by bridging the gap of diverse cultures living amidst a digital era. 

Cymmon's conducts round the year auctions globally with representatives located in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Newyork, London, Dubai, Hongkong, and Shenzhen. To extend the horizon of accessibility, every single bit of action has been made available through our official website and app for Android and iOS devices. All actions including catalog viewing, bidding, and private sales have been delightfully replicated to offer a seamless view from the comfort of your home or office and right beneath your fingers. 

Our auctions are open towards accepting consignments from interested sellers in South Asian Modern and Contemporary Art, Gems, Jewellery, Watches but are not limited to these with detailed estimations backed by a team of professionals on board and consultation with our global partners, international institutions for technical and artistic evaluations of items to provide detailed insights and sale strategy including outreach and access to seller network before listing in the auction catalog. 

Our extended service line consists of private sales, exhibitions, and corporate events function to help organizations maximize their item value on our marketplace, courtesy a more detailed and technical approach for all transactions. 

Our Core Values 

We are an organization with a strong belief in the power of inclusiveness. In this highly deemed industry, where thriving is a challenge, we pledge that our nature of business shall never overshadow human values, thought processes, and integrity. 

We as a company, shall always observe and maintain high ethical standards, preserve buyer and seller confidence, and maintain an independent perspective to appreciate the value of art above all.

A note from Krishna Moolagundam, Founder and Director, Cymmon's 

“Welcome to Cymmon's, everyone. My entrepreneurial journey has been a multi-faceted one. At one end, running a business and on the other, driven by an undying fondness for art turned me into an avid collector. It gives me immense delight when I look back at my collection that includes more than 1000 South Asian modern and contemporary artworks, each the finest specimen of its era. Further driven by my passion, I finally opened the doors to one of the bestt art galleries in India “Moolagundam Art Gallery”. Besides, I also remain a gem enthusiast and a diamantaire. 

Cymmon's is a long-held dream of mine come true; to unite like-minded people and introduce the organization as a one-stop destination to appreciate, engage, and own items that bespeak its significance and glory like nothing else. It is my strongest belief that every single individual or organization who comes to Cymmon's picks something rare and unique and owns it with utmost delight and profound liking, like I have been doing all this while. 

All the best everyone! God bless. Cheers.“

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