Buying luxury watches can be a little overwhelming. There are so many factors to be considered like design, quality, and function before buying one. No wonder your mind gets bombarded with so many questions. And finally, when you decide to own one, it is going to be a life-changer.

If you have been thinking of buying a new luxury watch, then look no further. You are at the right place and on safe hands. From 'where and when to buy', 'what budget to consider' to 'how to maintain it so that you hand it over to your future generations as fresh as new' we present you with every little information needed. When you have read till the end of the page, you would have made your choice.

Why should you own one?

All the gadgets an individual own might go out of date one day, but luxury watches are here to stay. For men, it is one of the few socially acceptable accessories that define their persona. On the other hand, for women, a luxury watch adds an extra bit of flair to their fashion ensemble. Some choose to wear it for the way it looks, while others get impressed with the intricate inner-mechanics and proudly show it off. Here are 3 of many reasons.

Return on investment:

Some brands invest time on the intricate craftsmanship that they manufacture fewer watches compared to other high-end manufacturers. The details are so fine that it takes more than 9 months to make the most basic watches. At times, you have to oblige to an application process to demonstrate your high-caliber.

Patek Philippe resale value trumps that of all other makers, whether vintage or modern. Few pieces earned almost double their retail price at auction. For instance, you might have bought a luxury watch for $300 in the 1950s; today, they can fetch you more than $20,000. There are perpetual chronographs that cost less than $20,000 in the 1980s but fetch well over $400,000 today.
If you see a beautiful luxury watch on an auction, without a second thought, purchases it. Because a second chance comes only once, and if not now, you might never see it again.


Not all watches are created equally. Luxury watches are designed precisely after iterations of quality control tests. Skilled craftsmanship and stylish aesthetics combine to give us the wearable work of art. They are a symbol of prestige, function for ears, and protected better from damage.


While normal watches work only for 3 to 4 years, luxury watches live a lifetime. Luxury watch auction houses around the world stand as a test of time in knowing how long-lasting a luxury watch is. If properly cared for, they become a part of you, a treasured possession. They remain for generations to come and can serve as a meaningful heirloom.

Social status:

Not everybody would want to possess a luxury watch. Paired with stylish clothing, they often display your status, make you confidently project yourself, and express your taste and personality. They make you stand out from the crowd. Luxury watches even serve as conversation openers if you find yourself surrounded by like-minded people.
Now that you have decided to buy one, let us look into other factors that should be kept in mind before purchasing a luxury watch.


Luxury watches are available on a wide range of prices. So, even before you decide to visit a shop, do some online research. Make yourself clear as to whether you are looking for a brand or the one with intricate design.

The occasion:

There are also a few other questions you would want to ask yourself before you head out. What is the purpose of purchasing this watch? Is it for a more casual event or a business meeting or a very special occasion? Am I buying it for me alone or would I want to buy it in pairs? Aside from just telling time, different watches are designed for various other purposes too.


On a luxury watch, the first feature you will be looking into is its water-resistance property. A 30m rating watch can resist splashes of water. But if you are going deep-sea diving, you should be wearing one with higher resistance with compatible strap material.
Some are designed for rock climbing and some survive drop-test. Some are battery-powered quartz watches where the battery needs to be replaced once in a while. Most mechanical luxury watches are either manual or automatic winding types. Some show world time and are most suited for people who travel around the world. Formal occasions call for understated watches. Watch size and the material of the strap are also as important as the watches themselves.

Once you have decided on all the above, its Showtime

How long is the warranty?
The industry standard is generally governed by EU law which requires a minimum warranty period of two years. Rolex offers a 5-year warranty since 2015.

What are the after-sales procedures?
After-sale services involve taking the watch back to the store for services and repairs. In most cases, service is done onsite but in some cases, the watch might have to be sent back to the manufacturer.

Maintenance tips:

Here is a list of 11 tips to follow to maintain your luxury watch as fresh as new for years to come.

1.    Try to clean your watch as often as possible with a soft damp cloth.
2.    Avoid contact with magnetic fields.
3.    Avoid subjecting it to high pressure, extreme temperature conditions, and deep water.
4.    Avoid cleaning it with chemicals.
5.    Avoid spraying perfume on your watch as it will gradually wear off the leather bands.
6.    Wind your manual-winding watch regularly. Never over-wind it.
7.    Service your luxury watch every three to five years.
8.    After every use, store it in only on your watch box.
9.    Avoid extended sunlight exposure.
10.    Never try to open or tinker with your watch.
11.    Always read the watch-manual for watch-specific tips.

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