Cymmon's Jewelry offers a stunning collection of unique and ageless jewels from renowned exclusive collections from around the world. We offer the best of the contemporary jewels in our finely curated auctions. Our offerings range from elegant diamonds and rare colored gems to the most desired signed jewellery alongside unique artist-designed jewellery, Estate Jewellery.

Cymmon's provides a personalized service for an international clientele of collectors and connoisseurs through our Jewels auctions throughout the year. Also we source and sell individual jewels from engagement rings to the rarest diamonds and gemstones through our dedicated and discreet sales division.

It is our aim to share our knowledge with the public as we continue building a unique, dominant and a faithful presence in the jewellery market. We are also proud to partner with today’s most influential contemporary jewelers which serves as a crucial yardstick for the market today.

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Alexandrite, with its chameleon-like qualities, is a rare variety of the mineral chrysoberyl. Its co...


Ametrine is transparent, bicolored quartz with the colors of both amethyst and citrine...


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Online Auctions -A fresh lease of life to the art world in unprecedented times

For the past few years, the art market has been staggering. With the COVID pandemic hitting hard, th...


Krishna Moolagundam
Krishna Moolagundam
Managing Director | Diamantaire | Art Connoisseur | Senior Specialist, South Asian Art
Shankar Srinivas Vaddi
Shankar Srinivas Vaddi
Senior Gemologist & Jewellery Appraiser

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